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Welcome to Buff City Soap Midwest!

We are one of the fastest growing Buff City Soap franchise systems in the country. Taking decades of experience operating a variety of franchise concepts and coupling them with the Makery Magic of Buff City Soap, our team strives to make every community we touch smell wonderful, one handcrafted bar of soap at a time.

Our Values

HUMBLE: Need for Others

Ideal team players are humble. They lack excessive ego orconcerns about status. Humble people are quick to point out the contributionsof others and slow to seek attention for their own. They share credit,emphasize team over self and define success collectively rather thanindividually. 

HUNGRY: Service of Others

Ideal team players are hungry. They are always looking formore. More things to do. More to learn. More responsibility to take on. Hungrypeople almost never have to be pushed by a manager to work harder because theyare self-motivated and diligent. They are constantly thinking about the nextstep and the next opportunity.

STEWARD: Responsibility to Others

Ideal team players are faithful stewards. They have commonsense about people. Stewards tend to know what is happening in a groupsituation and how to deal with others in the most effective way. They have goodjudgment and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and the impactof their words and actions.

Humble, Hungry and Steward—The Three Virtues Combined

What makes humble, hungry and stewards powerful and uniqueis not the individual attributes themselves, but rather the requiredcombination of all three. If even one is missing in a team member, teamworkbecomes significantly more difficult, and sometimes not possible.